US Quartz & Stones Inc. is a leading wholesale distributor serving the entire east coast with high quality natural stones such as granites, marbles, quartzites, onyx as well as its own line of engineered quartz stone - Pelican Quartz.

With US Quartz & Stones we strive to take ahead our family business in India for providing our customers with the best quality material at the most competitive prices.

Due to family owned quarries in India and excellent relationships with quarry owners all over the world such as Italy, Spain, Brazil, India, Turkey, China etc. We are able to offer to our customers a wide variety of selection which includes both 2 cm and 3 cm slabs at unbeatable prices. We offer different finishes such as polish, leather, honed, brushed and satin. We also offer satin finish in our quartz line.


We pride ourselves at making US Quartz & Stones a one stop shop for all your stone needs.

Making the slab selection process as smooth as possible and complete customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to us.

The vision of the company is to make available to all architects, designers, fabricators and home owners a good quality stone product at reasonable prices.

By extending the benefit that we have due to family owned quarrying, stone processing and quartz manufacturing unit we are ensuring the best of the best prices and quality.


Our quartz stone production takes place at our family owned state of the art manufacturing plant located in India. Every step of the production process is closely monitored and all slabs undergo detailed inspection before shipping. Due to the usage of highly pure silica (99.3% pure silica), the impurities that are normally found in natural stones are minimal in our quartz stone. We normally use up to 93% quartz powder / granules and 7% unsaturated polyester resin. The process involves mixing of quartz/granules with UPR and other organic / inorganic chemicals , pressing the mix in a huge and heavy press, sucking out the air from it for highly dense material, heating the product for crystallizing it and then calibrating and sizing and finally polishing the slab to make it into marketable product.

The prices of various quartz depend upon its texture/design and the thickness.


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